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Rylan's investigation treehouse

How Rylan Created his Treehouse Investigation

Learning Process

See the sections below to learn how Rylan planned and met the Learning Process Guidelines for his treehouse investigation, Weeds in Rylan's Yard.

Planning / Following the Basic Treehouse Guidelines


The initial idea to make a Treehouse about weeds came on a day when Rylan's roommate was working in their yard, which was full of weeds. Rylan realized that Arizona was in the middle of one of its rainy seasons and guessed there was a connection between the amount of rainfall and the sudden growth of so many weeds.

Rylan grabbed his digital camera and as he snapped photos the ideas for the page started to flow. Rylan thought it would be interesting to learn more about weeds and present this learning process in a Treehouse.

Basic Treehouse Learning Process Guidelines: Brainstorming and Planning


Learning Independently and Solving Technology Problems

When Rylan had questions about how to use the Tree of Life Treehouse Editor for making web pages, the web site's support materials were useful. For example, the help topics for learning how to write HTML (computer code) helped him to learn some of the basics of that code. Learning this code is optional, however, given that the online Treehouse tools give builders the power to create these web page features without learning HTML.

Basic Treehouse Learning Process Guidelines: Learning Independently and Solving Technology Problems

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