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Rylan's investigation treehouse

How Rylan Created his Treehouse Investigation

Step 5 Learning Information

See the sections below to learn how Rylan planned for and composed Step #5 of his treehouse investigation, Weeds in Rylan's Yard.

Planning / Following the Basic Treehouse Guidelines

Basic Treehouse Guidelines: Learning Information

All fields are complete. In the "Comments Field" the student adds a brief summary of what someone could learn from their page.

Editing with the Treehouse Editor

The "Comments Field" helps people browsing the site find Treehouses that interest them, so Rylan came up with a concise, informative summary. Rylan typed his summary directly into the box labeled "Comments" field.

Rylan thought of his investigation as a story as well, so he checked off the Story treehouse box in the Treehouse Type field.

Rylan believes that his treehouse could appeal to and be understood by all levels of learners.

Try it Yourself!

To use the treehouse editor you may either:

Once you are at the Treehouse Editor, choose Step 5 Edit Learning Information. Try filling out the fields. You can click on Save and Preview but you won't see any changes to your page, because this information is not yet displayed on the page.

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